Understanding Dualeotruyen: The Vietnamese Art of Storytelling


Dualeotruyen is a unique form of storytelling that originated in Vietnam. It is a traditional art form that has been passed down through generations and is still practiced in some parts of the country today. Dualeotruyen is a combination of music, poetry, and storytelling, making it a rich & multi-faceted art form.

The word “dualeotruyen” itself is derived from the Vietnamese language, with “dua” meaning “to sing” & “leotruyen” meaning “to tell a story.” Therefore, the art of dualeotruyen is essentially a form of musical storytelling, where the storyteller uses different vocal techniques and musical instruments to convey a story.

The History and Evolution of Dualeotruyen

The origins of dualeotruyen can be traced back to ancient Vietnam, where it was initially used as a means of entertainment for the ruling class. However, as time passed, it became more widely practiced & became an important part of Vietnamese culture.

Over the years, dualeotruyen has evolved to incorporate various influences, including Chinese and French storytelling techniques. This has helped to make it a more dynamic & versatile art form, with different regions of Vietnam having their own unique styles of dualeotruyen.

The Structure and Techniques of Dualeotruyen

Dualeotruyen typically follows a specific structure, with the storyteller beginning by introducing the characters and setting the scene. They then use music and song to convey the emotions & actions of the characters, bringing the story to life.

One of the most important techniques used in dualeotruyen is “hat chau van,” which involves singing in a high-pitched voice to mimic the sound of spirits. This is often used in stories that involve supernatural elements, such as ghosts or spirits.

Another key technique used in dualeotruyen is “hat tuong,” which involves singing in a more dramatic & emotional style. This is often used to convey intense emotions, such as love or grief.

The Importance and Significance of Dualeotruyen in Vietnamese Culture

Dualeotruyen is an integral part of Vietnamese culture, with many people viewing it as a symbol of their heritage and identity. It has played an important role in preserving and passing down traditional stories and legends, as well as being a means of entertainment.

In addition to its cultural significance, dualeotruyen is also valued for its artistic merit. The combination of music, poetry, and storytelling makes it a complex & multi-layered art form, requiring skill and creativity from the storyteller.

Today, dualeotruyen is still practiced in some parts of Vietnam, although it has become less popular in recent years due to the rise of modern entertainment forms. However, efforts are being made to preserve & promote dualeotruyen, with festivals and events held to showcase the art form.


Dualeotruyen is a unique and fascinating art form that has played an important role in Vietnamese culture for centuries. Its blend of music, poetry, & storytelling make it a multi-faceted and complex art form, requiring skill and creativity from the storyteller.

Despite the challenges it faces in the modern era, dualeotruyen remains an important symbol of Vietnamese identity and heritage. By preserving & promoting this traditional art form, we can ensure that it continues

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