Who Is Michelle Wu’s Husband?

Michelle Wu is a prominent figure in the political world, having served as an at-large member of the Boston City Council since 2014. She has been married to her husband, Conor Hickey, since 2017. In this article we will explore who Conor Hickey is and how he supports his wife’s career.

Conor Hickey: A Brief Overview:

Conor Hickey was born on April 13th 1987 in Chicago Illinois. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Economics and currently works as a business analyst for Microsoft Corporation. He met Michelle while they were both attending Harvard Law School and have been together ever since then. They got married on June 17th 2017 in Cambridge Massachusetts surrounded by their family and friends.

How Does Conor Support His Wife?:

Despite being busy with his own job, Conor makes sure to be supportive of his wife’s work as well. This includes helping out with campaign events when needed or providing moral support during difficult times such as debates or speeches she needs to give publicly. Furthermore, he also helps her manage her schedule so that she can focus more time on important tasks related to politics without neglecting other aspects of life like spending quality time with him or taking care of herself properly through exercise and restful sleep routines etcetera .


It is clear that behind every successful woman there stands a strong man supporting them all along the way – just like it happens between Michelle Wu and her husband Conor Hickey! The couple has been happily married for three years now showing us what true love looks like even under stressful circumstances such as those found in public service roles today

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