Microsoft Gaming Company Acquires Activision Blizzard for Rs 5 Lakh Crore recently reported that Microsoft Gaming Company has acquired Activision Blizzard for an impressive sum of Rs 5 lakh crore. This news has sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry and has sparked discussions about what this acquisition means for both companies & the industry as a whole.

The Details of the Acquisition Activision Blizzard

is a major player in the gaming industry, with popular franchises such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush. The company has had its share of controversies in recent years, with accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination leading to a lawsuit from the state of California. Despite these issues, Microsoft saw the value in the company and decided to acquire it.

The acquisition will make Microsoft Gaming Company one of the largest gaming companies in the world, with a portfolio of over 30 popular franchises. Microsoft has stated that it intends to use Activision Blizzard’s games to enhance its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which allows users to access a large library of games for a monthly fee.

What This Means for the Gaming Industry

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is a significant move in the gaming industry. It demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to expanding its presence in the gaming market and its willingness to invest heavily to achieve this goal. The move also.. solidifies Microsoft’s position as a major player in the industry, alongside companies such as Sony and Nintendo.

The acquisition

may also have implications for other gaming companies. With Microsoft now holding such a large portfolio of games, other companies may feel pressure to merge or acquire other companies to remain competitive. This could lead to further consolidation in the industry, which could have both positive and negative effects.

Implications for Microsoft and Activision Blizzard For Microsoft, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is a significant investment that could pay off in the long term. The addition of Activision Blizzard’s games to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service could attract more subscribers and generate more revenue for the company. It could also help Microsoft to compete more effectively with other companies in the industry.

For Activision Blizzard, the acquisition could bring stability to the company after a tumultuous few years. The company has faced accusations of harassment and discrimination, as well as declining sales for some of its franchises. Joining forces with Microsoft could provide the company with the resources and support it needs to turn things around and continue to produce successful games.

However, there are also concerns about the acquisition. Some gamers worry that Microsoft’s ownership of so many popular franchises could lead to a lack of diversity in the industry. Others are concerned about the potential for Microsoft to impose its own vision on the franchises it has acquired, which could lead to changes that are unpopular with fans.


The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft Gaming Company is a significant development in the gaming industry. It demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to expanding its presence in the industry and solidifies its position as a major player. The move could have implications for other gaming companies, as well as for the future of the industry as a whole. While there are concerns about the acquisition, it could also.. bring stability and success to both Microsoft and Activision Blizzard in the years to come.

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